Chung Kuo Insurance underwrites a complete line of both commercial and personal non-life insurance coverages. Major lines of business written by the Company include fire, marine cargo, marine hull, motor, aviation, engineering and various types of liability insurance. Products are distributed through direct marketing as well as agents and brokers. And the operations are conducted through the Company's head office, 11 branch offices and 15 correspondence offices in Taiwan.

The Company is expanding business locations and implementing a comprehensive service network to broaden sales coverage and improve customer service capabilities, and also expanded presence overseas.The Company operates one overseas representative office in Guam, providing non-life insurance consulting services for the Taiwanese investors and meeting the needs of local overseas Chinese communities.

Too meet business growth needs and to improve information management functions, Chung Kuo Insurance actively worked to introduce new information technologies to upgrade information facilities and to develop new application systems. The Company had further pushed forward to integrate the environments of the headquarters with all business sites through a new comprehensive network system to simplify paperwork process, control the timeliness of the document issue and increase the work efficiency.

Chung Kuo Insurance actively recruits different business talents, plans a holistic and systematic human resource development plan and exercises the human resource managing policies for personnel training, reasonable pays and performance improvement in order to cope with the business expansion and strengthen the organizational structure. Each year, the Company registers about 1,300 slots in the professional training sponsored by the government, private organization and for self-training, and there are about 20 staffs participating in the overseas insurance conferences and seminars, who shall share their experience with colleagues upon return.

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