Framework and Regulations

Articles of Incorporation

Corporate Governance BestPractice Principles

Rules of Procedure forBoard of Directors Meetings

Equity Structure and Shareholders’ Equity

Board of Directors’ Structure and Level of Independence

Implementation of Board of Directors

Board of Directors and Management Team

Audit Committee and Supervisors

Operations of the Audit Committee or Participation of Supervisors in Board of Directors

Compensation Committee, Risk Management Committee or Committees of other Functions

The Remuneration of Directors, Supervisors and General Manager Paid in the Most Recent Year, its Ratio to the Net Profit After Tax, Remuneration Policy, Standards and Packages, the Procedure for Determining Remuneration, and the Correlation with Operating Performance and Future Risk Exposure

Remuneration of Directors, Supervisors, Presidents and Vice Presidents

Pursuit of Continuing Education of Directors and Supervisors

Risk Management Information

Rights and Relationships of Related Parties

Complaints Management System

Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

Donation made to Political Parties, Related Parties and Non-profit Organizations

Corporate Governance Execution Status and Deviations from “Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for Insurance Companies”

Internal Auditing Related Information

Number of Employees in Non-managerial Positions, Annual Average Employee Benefit Expenses and Difference in Comparison with those of the Preceding Year.

Other Information in Relation to Corporate Governance.:None